28. Video: Edith and I are up late studying for midterms watching crazy German music videos from the 90s. I'll miss college.
27. Video: Edith, the darling lass pictured above, will be performing this later this semester. I'm not sure what the protocol is when you find out your girlfriend is a zombie, but I guess I'm glad to have advanced warning that she'll be eating my brains at some point.
26. Video: Women in Western Art. Pretty niftay.
25. Video: Pac Man invasion. Old, I guess, but still required viewing.
24. Video: Laser Graffiti. Considering half the intarweb is videos, "Video" is kind of a stupid category name, isn't it.
23. Video: Skydiving down a mountain.
22. Video: Paprika. "Got LSD?"
21. Video: Speed Painting progress video by Mattias Snygg, a.k.a. Mon.
20. Video: Ever take an industrial design class where you had to make a piece of furniture? Yeah, me neither, but this guy just schooled you.
19. Video: Lucid Movement. Slow-mo mesmerizationalizization...
18. Video: Sulfur hexafluoride = fun with air.
17. Video: More and more line rider madness.
16. Video: If Programmers Built Planes. YES.
15. Video: Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... here ya go.
14. Video: All those years of drumming, wasted. Well, maybe not.
13. Video: Line Rider madness.
12. Video: Scanner + Beethoven. Yeah.
11. Video: Captain N! Whoaahoahaaaoahohohoahoahoa!!!
10. Video: Great video, stupid ad.
9. Video: Thousand-Handed Goddess Dance. Cool, but I think I'd want a discount if my seat weren't in the exact center row.
8. Video: Roller blading cone dancing madness.
7. Video: After this. you will always disappointed when looking at Christmas light displays.
6. Video: Spin. I want some turn tables.
5. Video: Balancing Point. Fun things to do if you have lots of rocks.
4. Video: Coin flipping. Makes you wonder how he started this.
3. Video: Even more dancing insanity.
2. Video: Even more dancing insanity.
1. Video: Singing in the Rain redux.
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