9. Science News: This just in: getting up early sucks. In a related story, not sleeping also sucks. Surprise.
8. Science News: Komodo dragons give virgin birth. Those "scientists" try to give a "scientific" explanation with "science," but why can't they just admit that it is really the second coming of Jesus in new komodo dragon flavor!?!? And third and fourth and fifth, and maybe sixth through thirteenth if we're lucky. Okay, that's really the only reason I linked this. And now I'm going to hell.
7. Science news: Slo mo rubber band snapping. Cooooooool.
6. Science News: Something to do with maestros.
5. Science News: For everyone who ever wanted to breathe underwater. That includes everyone, I guess.
4. Science News: Pet cloning. Does anyone else find this extremely eerie?
3. Science news: More and More towards Ghost in the Shell. Er, right. Not in our lifetime.
2. Science news: This would be a cool setting for almost anything.
1. Science news: "Meet the mind readers" (couldn't think of a title :P).
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