23. Humor: Kyle linked me to this, but I can't imagine why. P.S. Kyle sucks.
22. Humor: Then Japan puts Berkeley to shame in the flash mob arena. But c'mon, it's Japan, it's probably weird when stuff like that doesn't happen.
21. Humor: Berkeley ninja flash mob battle royale round 1 fight.
20. Humor: The ten principles of economics translated for noneconomists.
19. Humor: If you took all the squirrels in Berkeley and liquored them up, oh the things that would happen.
18. Humor: Avenue Q + Fiddler on The Roof = Avenue Jew. Article here.
17. Humor: How not to be an idiot with your Wii.
16. Humor: More Coke and Mentos madness. At least someone's found a use for Diet Coke.
15. Humor: Will it blend?
14. Humor: Pie chart of the century.
13. Humor: Turn your Hamster into a fighting machine.
12. Humor: The Uncyclopedia. Unlearn something new everyday.
11. Humor: Thank goodness someone finally put that ridiculous "evolution" myth to rest.
10. Humor: Casefancasefancase...
9. Humor: Bastardized Episode 3
8. Humor: U2 hoax from the guys at Improv Everywhere. Sounds like fun...
7. Humor: Romance novel covers redone. Second batch here.
6. Humor: Over the top protection.
5. Humor: Use Firefox. (Actually, I use Opera, but Firefox is indeed better for the most part. Just use whatever, as long as it's not IE.)
4. Humor: Spider-Man: pal of Jesus.
3. Humor: Translated FAQ/press release about Adobe's purchase of Macromedia.
2. Humor: BUNNIES!
1. Humor: Best hockey coach ever.
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