184. Video: Edith and I are up late studying for midterms watching crazy German music videos from the 90s. I'll miss college.
183. Video: Edith, the darling lass pictured above, will be performing this later this semester. I'm not sure what the protocol is when you find out your girlfriend is a zombie, but I guess I'm glad to have advanced warning that she'll be eating my brains at some point.
182. Video: Women in Western Art. Pretty niftay.
181. Comic: Copper is updating again! Glee!
179. Video: Pac Man invasion. Old, I guess, but still required viewing.
178. Comic: Piled Higher and Deeper: So awesome! Also makes me not want to go to gradschool. Though, it worked out for my dad anyway, so who knows.
177. Artist: JF Bruckner: Oh yeah, jfb is awesome too! Right, right, more artists and comics, I forget so easily...
176. Comic: Copper: Copper is my favorite webcomic. Every strip is inspiringly beautiful and bursting with imagination, but beyond that, they consistently resonate with profundity without screaming "Look at ME, aren't I profound!?" I tried to write a lot more corny praise, but just go read all of them instead, you won't be sorry. I was hoping to wait for Kazu Kibuishi to get back to it so I could scream about its return, but it's been quite a while already, so I'll just link it again once that happens.
175. Artist: Mitsui. Life must be hard when you're this awesome. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
174. Comic: The Unfeasible Adventures of Beaver and Steve. I don't actually read this often, but the toaster knob makes me want to. That sentence will make no sense as soon as they update.
173. Humor: Kyle linked me to this, but I can't imagine why. P.S. Kyle sucks.
172. Comic: Socks. Okay, Socks is also amazing. I need to read through both these soon. Yargh.
171. Comic: Minus. Leo just linked me to minus, and it is aggggghjustgoreaditIcan'tthinkofwhattowriteitisamazing.
170. Flash Game: Fancy Pants. Fancy Pants!!! Made me want to drop everything and make an awesome speedy platformer with simple but incredibly smooth smooth animation with my roommates. Who knows what they'd do, but Kyle already agreed to it. Right Kyle? Study for your midterms to signify "yes."
169. Random: Revenge of Zoom Quilt.
168. Comic: Sinfest. How could you not know about Sinfest already? :|
167. Apps: doPdf. People keep asking how to write out pdfs. If you don't own Acrobat Pro, apparently this works.
166. Humor: Then Japan puts Berkeley to shame in the flash mob arena. But c'mon, it's Japan, it's probably weird when stuff like that doesn't happen.
165. Humor: Berkeley ninja flash mob battle royale round 1 fight.
164. Humor: The ten principles of economics translated for noneconomists.
163. Humor: If you took all the squirrels in Berkeley and liquored them up, oh the things that would happen.
162. Video: Laser Graffiti. Considering half the intarweb is videos, "Video" is kind of a stupid category name, isn't it.
161. Comic: Cigarro & Cerveja. If I had a duck, I'd name him Cerveza.
160. Video: Skydiving down a mountain.
159. Gadgets: Skrbl. Write/scribble stuff on a shared, webbased whiteboard, no registration required. I always wanted something like this for trying to explain stuff over AIM, blargh.
158. Video: Paprika. "Got LSD?"
157. Animation: Music video for Remind Me by Royksopp (Remixed, I guess?). Animation meets The Way Things Work. Coooool.
156. Video: Speed Painting progress video by Mattias Snygg, a.k.a. Mon.
155. Animation: Whiteboard thing. Fun. And distracting. Ergh.
154. Comic: Sam & Max. I never read the originals or played the game, but it makes me think I should find some actual comics, not just a billion web comics. :| Too bad they barely update. Don't you hate that...
153. Artist: Ukitakumuki. More awesome speed painting. Hargh. 1 2 3 4
152. Animation: Jumping.
151. Animation: wtf
150. Science News: This just in: getting up early sucks. In a related story, not sleeping also sucks. Surprise.
149. Artist: Julie Dillon: home, DA. 1/3 of the reason I picked up drawing in high school after not touching a sketchpad for years. Some not very good stuff I did from her tutorials is floating around in this thing.
148. Comic: Dirtflake Squares. Kyle asked where this was from, so here it is.
147. Video: Ever take an industrial design class where you had to make a piece of furniture? Yeah, me neither, but this guy just schooled you.
146. Comic: xkcd has been all over the internet already, but if you haven't read it, maybe you should.
145. Artist: Barontieri. Another one of my favorite digital painter dude guys.
144. Games: Tangerine Evader XTREME. Goes from "eh" flash game to "ONE OF THE BEST EVER" because of the text.
143. Video: Lucid Movement. Slow-mo mesmerizationalizization...
142. Random: What the %$^#@.
141. Random: Okay, I did the same thing again, so here's something else totally random but more addictive.
140. Random: Whoops, I hit the "add" button instead of updating the old one, so instead of more comics, here's something totally random.
139. Comic: Count Your Sheep. Insanely adorable, and not the nauseating kind. Smart cute. Booya booya booya booya booya!
138. Animation: The Animation Show. GO SEE IT!!!
137. Artist: Bengal might be my favorite artist.
136. Artist: Craig Mullins. While we're talking about Mega Awesome Digital Painter Gods, I might as well mention the Mega Awesome Digital Painter God. Also rarely known as Spooge Demon in the previously mentioned best thread on the internet.
134. Artist: Mathias Verhasselt. Mr. Awesome Painter God Guy. Also part of the best thread on the internet.
133. Comic: Green Evening Stories. I keep meaning to read this. The art's done in the style of awesome.
132. Video: Sulfur hexafluoride = fun with air.
131. Comic: A Softer World. Here's another, just to keep unmentioned stuff rolling in. Great photo comic, updates weekly.
130. Comic: Gunnerkrigg Court. I mentioned it before, but you gots to goes and reads it! Best webcomic I've seen in a while.
129. Animation: I think the JCB Song came around when the link dump was down, so here it is. You should watch it.
128. Comic: I keep meaning to post comics and artists every week or so, and this one took all the work out of it so I couldn't resist.

Hi there! I think you are highly intelligent and have an excellent sense of humor. You also don't find raunchy, foul-mouthed sex talk offensive. You have a soft spot for cacti and dominatrixes. Thus, you will enjoy this: www.gwscomic.com

Sincerely, friend.

So go forth, ye reader(s), and despair enjoy!
127. Gadgets: Jetpack wing thing.
126. Video: More and more line rider madness.
125. Science News: Komodo dragons give virgin birth. Those "scientists" try to give a "scientific" explanation with "science," but why can't they just admit that it is really the second coming of Jesus in new komodo dragon flavor!?!? And third and fourth and fifth, and maybe sixth through thirteenth if we're lucky. Okay, that's really the only reason I linked this. And now I'm going to hell.
124. Random: YES! Best google search results ever. I'm so proud...
123. Animation: Sno-bo. :|
122. Video: If Programmers Built Planes. YES.
121. Video: Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... here ya go.
120. Random: Ice sculptures of doooooooooom.
119. Games: Riddles.
118. Comic: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. Daily updates. Twisty. Tasty. Mmmmm.
117. Humor: Avenue Q + Fiddler on The Roof = Avenue Jew. Article here.
116. Humor: How not to be an idiot with your Wii.
115. Gadgets: RC Helicopter. I want one I want one I want one I want one! Maybe!
114. Humor: More Coke and Mentos madness. At least someone's found a use for Diet Coke.
113. Humor: Will it blend?
112. Random: Welcome to China Tours, watch your step.
111. animation: Animator vs. Animation 2.
110. Animation: Kiwi!
109. Video: All those years of drumming, wasted. Well, maybe not.
108. Video: Line Rider madness.
107. Science news: Slo mo rubber band snapping. Cooooooool.
106. Humor: Pie chart of the century.
105. Video: Scanner + Beethoven. Yeah.
104. Random: $20 seems like a lot for shower gel, but I'm not sure I can resist anything called Sonic Death Monkey.
103. Video: Captain N! Whoaahoahaaaoahohohoahoahoa!!!
102. Random: This must be a fluke. This too. They'll probably be gone tomorrow...
101. Video: Great video, stupid ad.
100. Random: These pumpkin carvings are better than yours.
99. Video: Thousand-Handed Goddess Dance. Cool, but I think I'd want a discount if my seat weren't in the exact center row.
98. Apps: Slick Run. Run/open/play/access anything on your computer as fast as you can think of it. Download this immediately.
97. Apps: Virtual Dimension. Multiple desktops for Windows done right. Makes working with several full screen multimedia programs completely painless.
96. Apps: Top Desk. Exposé for windows.
95. Apps: Task Switch XP. Alt-tab on crack.
94. Apps: EmacsW32. Some helpful stuff to make emacs a little easier to break into in Windows.
93. Apps: Emacs. The last text editor you will ever need (unless your a vim person). Not something you want to try out on a whim, really.
92. Apps: Notepad++. A much more functinoal notepad replacement, complete with syntax highlighting, etc.
91. Apps: Metapad. A slightly more functional notepad replacement.
90. Apps: 7-zip. Clean and simple compression util.
89. Apps: Ajax Amp. Like a laptop remote control for winamp, in case you have one main machine with good speakers.
88. Apps: Irfan View Nice little image viewer.
87. Artist: Found this hiding in my bookmarks. The music is nice.
86. Video: Roller blading cone dancing madness.
85. Comic: This is one you've probably heard about, but I marked about 20 consecutive favorites, so you need to check it out if you haven't.
84. Video: After this. you will always disappointed when looking at Christmas light displays.
83. Science News: Something to do with maestros.
82. Random: Helping your android dream of electric sheep.
81. Random: Painting with video. Cool.
80. Cooking: I still like cooking. Apparently, I'm not the only . Awesome.
79. Cooking: I like cooking. Having said that, here are some irrelevant and mostly useless tidbits.
78. Flash Movie: Morbid fun with legos. So long.
77. Game: Planarity has been sitting in my "to link" folder forever. It's quite addictive, eeh.
76. Humor: Turn your Hamster into a fighting machine.
75. Self plugs: Hermes in motion!
74. Self plugs: life digipainting: desk and lamp. HOW THRILLING.
73. Animation: A million billion crazy CG movies. Do yourself a favor and grab them all (or at least Loop, Helium, True Color, and Born to Be Alive).
72. Video: Spin. I want some turn tables.
71. Animation: Shockboy. Nifty.
70. Humor(?): This week, in Fascist Fashion: dictators. I'd never heard of Bush billboards. Do the PR guys just not watch T.V.?
69. Pics/Friends: The photoblog of a friend and past apartment mate. Dragonflies rock.
68. Apps: (Ooh, new category!) AutoHotKey. Great app for making Windows Hotkeys and doing other various handy things. I'm somewhat addicted.
67. Humor: The Uncyclopedia. Unlearn something new everyday.
66. Humor: Thank goodness someone finally put that ridiculous "evolution" myth to rest.
65. Music: We funk. Yes we do. Get going, shoutcast addicts.
64. Comic: Pihakwa. Fun characters, slick style, purdy pictures, mad flava. Updates Wednesdays and Fridays (hopefully?).
63. Video: Balancing Point. Fun things to do if you have lots of rocks.
62. Random: WHAT???
61. Game: The Ur-Quan Masters (a.k.a. Star Control II). It's the whole game in all it's glory with an optional remixed soundtrack to boot. Definitely worth checking out if you like games.
60. Gaming/Humor: The Legenday Frog has done way too many awesome flash videos.
59. Humor/Videos: So the bunny reenactments have been around for a while, but I was too lazy to check out most of them until a friend directly linked the homepage. Awesome. I need to watch Pulp Fiction again.
58. Video: Coin flipping. Makes you wonder how he started this.
57. Gadgets: The Optimus keyboard. Seems like that would actually slow you down...
56. Video/Gamings: Quake III: Candle Arena. I in no way condone this sort of behavior. However, if you're going to try such things, please record it for the rest of us!
55. Humor/Video: Introducing the iPod Flea.
54. Random Quotes: The things people say.
53. Random News: Big fish. Yeah, that's about it.
52. Self plugs: Jay redux.
51. Gaming/Humor: ZanyQuotes.com! Check it out, lest you be an "idiot of foolishness."
50. Gaming/Music: Mario Brothers a la guitar. Not perfect but whoa what the sound effects??
49. Weird Video: A dog. Skating. I can say nothing.
48. Humor: Casefancasefancase...
47. Video: Even more dancing insanity.
46. Video: Even more dancing insanity.
45. Video: Singing in the Rain redux.
44. Humor: Bastardized Episode 3
43. Random News/Apocalypse: Lv. 5 Frog Cloud. <Magnolia remark here>
42. Music: Brad Sucks. Me gusta Borderline y Dirtbag.
41. Science News: For everyone who ever wanted to breathe underwater. That includes everyone, I guess.
40. Humor: U2 hoax from the guys at Improv Everywhere. Sounds like fun...
39. Comic: Questionable Content. Occassional indie music talk and some overarching drama, but actually done well (hmm...). It's actually funny, updates five times a week, does anything else really matter?
38. Music: The Kleptones (just one, actually). If nothing else, grab A Night At The Hip-Hopera, Hip-Hop over Queen.
37. Science News: Pet cloning. Does anyone else find this extremely eerie?
36. Humor/Music:: Beatles + Metallica = Beatallica.
35. Humor: Romance novel covers redone. Second batch here.
34. Gaming/Music: If OC Remix didn't do it for you, vgmix has more. Though, maybe everyone who cares probably already knew.
33. Gaming/Video: Fun with the Havok Physics engine, slightly reminiscent of that old Honda ad, among other things.
32. Random pics: Crazy cloud cover.
31. Random news/Video: Crow on kitty action. (Titled as such because I'm far too manly to admit that this is ridiculously adorable. Yup. Manly. Manly.)
30. Flash game: Infuriating little puzzly game. Bad if you have no patience. Friggin bird, hurry up.
29. Random news: Art terrorism abounds! Terrorism is such a strong word, it's really more like a prank...
28. Random news: Piano virtuoso randomly found wandering the streets of the UK, furious clicking of keyboards from every screenwriter on earth audible across the globe.
27. Humor: Over the top protection.
26. Science news: More and More towards Ghost in the Shell. Er, right. Not in our lifetime.
25. Humor: Use Firefox. (Actually, I use Opera, but Firefox is indeed better for the most part. Just use whatever, as long as it's not IE.)
24. Self plugs: Mushroom forest. How purple.
23. Self plugs: h4wt chix0r.
22. Humor: Spider-Man: pal of Jesus.
21. Comic: bunny obsession #2 (now with less suicide).
20. Artish: 8-bit art exhibition.
19. Science news: This would be a cool setting for almost anything.
18. Flash game: Nifty Flash game, reminiscient of those twisting steel sculptures with the hoop.
17. Random news: German toads: now with more combustion. (well, technically not)
16. Random pics: "Interesting Images - Suspicious Counterfeits". Check out the chicks.
15. Flash game: Flash game that my roommate's been playing for the last week. Basically you hit a guy with a bike. Strategically. So weird.
14. Comic: Genius. Read them all.
13. Humor: Translated FAQ/press release about Adobe's purchase of Macromedia.
12. Humor: BUNNIES!
11. Humor: Best hockey coach ever.
10. Flash movie: Cake Dance: more from SamBakZa.
9. Music/Games: Nintendopella: Nintendo + a capella = My Name is (not not (not)) Kyle
8. Science news: "Meet the mind readers" (couldn't think of a title :P).
7. Flash movie: Electrical Engineering School House Rock.
6. Flash game: platformer.
5. Pics: omgomgomgomgtransparentscreensexclamationpointohwait
4. Flash movie: More Madness.
3. Comic: The Whiteboard: I don't even play paintball, but still great.
2. Random: Tree representations of websites - Our site is so gray.
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