23. Comic: Copper is updating again! Glee!
22. Comic: Piled Higher and Deeper: So awesome! Also makes me not want to go to gradschool. Though, it worked out for my dad anyway, so who knows.
21. Comic: Copper: Copper is my favorite webcomic. Every strip is inspiringly beautiful and bursting with imagination, but beyond that, they consistently resonate with profundity without screaming "Look at ME, aren't I profound!?" I tried to write a lot more corny praise, but just go read all of them instead, you won't be sorry. I was hoping to wait for Kazu Kibuishi to get back to it so I could scream about its return, but it's been quite a while already, so I'll just link it again once that happens.
20. Comic: The Unfeasible Adventures of Beaver and Steve. I don't actually read this often, but the toaster knob makes me want to. That sentence will make no sense as soon as they update.
19. Comic: Socks. Okay, Socks is also amazing. I need to read through both these soon. Yargh.
18. Comic: Minus. Leo just linked me to minus, and it is aggggghjustgoreaditIcan'tthinkofwhattowriteitisamazing.
17. Comic: Sinfest. How could you not know about Sinfest already? :|
16. Comic: Cigarro & Cerveja. If I had a duck, I'd name him Cerveza.
15. Comic: Sam & Max. I never read the originals or played the game, but it makes me think I should find some actual comics, not just a billion web comics. :| Too bad they barely update. Don't you hate that...
14. Comic: Dirtflake Squares. Kyle asked where this was from, so here it is.
13. Comic: xkcd has been all over the internet already, but if you haven't read it, maybe you should.
12. Comic: Count Your Sheep. Insanely adorable, and not the nauseating kind. Smart cute. Booya booya booya booya booya!
11. Comic: Green Evening Stories. I keep meaning to read this. The art's done in the style of awesome.
10. Comic: A Softer World. Here's another, just to keep unmentioned stuff rolling in. Great photo comic, updates weekly.
9. Comic: Gunnerkrigg Court. I mentioned it before, but you gots to goes and reads it! Best webcomic I've seen in a while.
8. Comic: I keep meaning to post comics and artists every week or so, and this one took all the work out of it so I couldn't resist.

Hi there! I think you are highly intelligent and have an excellent sense of humor. You also don't find raunchy, foul-mouthed sex talk offensive. You have a soft spot for cacti and dominatrixes. Thus, you will enjoy this: www.gwscomic.com

Sincerely, friend.

So go forth, ye reader(s), and despair enjoy!
7. Comic: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. Daily updates. Twisty. Tasty. Mmmmm.
6. Comic: This is one you've probably heard about, but I marked about 20 consecutive favorites, so you need to check it out if you haven't.
5. Comic: Pihakwa. Fun characters, slick style, purdy pictures, mad flava. Updates Wednesdays and Fridays (hopefully?).
4. Comic: Questionable Content. Occassional indie music talk and some overarching drama, but actually done well (hmm...). It's actually funny, updates five times a week, does anything else really matter?
3. Comic: bunny obsession #2 (now with less suicide).
2. Comic: Genius. Read them all.
1. Comic: The Whiteboard: I don't even play paintball, but still great.
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