9. Artist: JF Bruckner: Oh yeah, jfb is awesome too! Right, right, more artists and comics, I forget so easily...
8. Artist: Mitsui. Life must be hard when you're this awesome. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
7. Artist: Ukitakumuki. More awesome speed painting. Hargh. 1 2 3 4
6. Artist: Julie Dillon: home, DA. 1/3 of the reason I picked up drawing in high school after not touching a sketchpad for years. Some not very good stuff I did from her tutorials is floating around in this thing.
5. Artist: Barontieri. Another one of my favorite digital painter dude guys.
4. Artist: Bengal might be my favorite artist.
3. Artist: Craig Mullins. While we're talking about Mega Awesome Digital Painter Gods, I might as well mention the Mega Awesome Digital Painter God. Also rarely known as Spooge Demon in the previously mentioned best thread on the internet.
2. Artist: Mathias Verhasselt. Mr. Awesome Painter God Guy. Also part of the best thread on the internet.
1. Artist: Found this hiding in my bookmarks. The music is nice.
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