13. Apps: doPdf. People keep asking how to write out pdfs. If you don't own Acrobat Pro, apparently this works.
12. Apps: Slick Run. Run/open/play/access anything on your computer as fast as you can think of it. Download this immediately.
11. Apps: Virtual Dimension. Multiple desktops for Windows done right. Makes working with several full screen multimedia programs completely painless.
10. Apps: Top Desk. Exposé for windows.
9. Apps: Task Switch XP. Alt-tab on crack.
8. Apps: EmacsW32. Some helpful stuff to make emacs a little easier to break into in Windows.
7. Apps: Emacs. The last text editor you will ever need (unless your a vim person). Not something you want to try out on a whim, really.
6. Apps: Notepad++. A much more functinoal notepad replacement, complete with syntax highlighting, etc.
5. Apps: Metapad. A slightly more functional notepad replacement.
4. Apps: 7-zip. Clean and simple compression util.
3. Apps: Ajax Amp. Like a laptop remote control for winamp, in case you have one main machine with good speakers.
2. Apps: Irfan View Nice little image viewer.
1. Apps: (Ooh, new category!) AutoHotKey. Great app for making Windows Hotkeys and doing other various handy things. I'm somewhat addicted.
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