11. Animation: Music video for Remind Me by Royksopp (Remixed, I guess?). Animation meets The Way Things Work. Coooool.
10. Animation: Whiteboard thing. Fun. And distracting. Ergh.
9. Animation: Jumping.
8. Animation: wtf
7. Animation: The Animation Show. GO SEE IT!!!
6. Animation: I think the JCB Song came around when the link dump was down, so here it is. You should watch it.
5. Animation: Sno-bo. :|
4. animation: Animator vs. Animation 2.
3. Animation: Kiwi!
2. Animation: A million billion crazy CG movies. Do yourself a favor and grab them all (or at least Loop, Helium, True Color, and Born to Be Alive).
1. Animation: Shockboy. Nifty.
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