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Posted by on March 06, 2013 - ³ p.m.

Just like the one in China.

184. Video: Edith and I are up late studying for midterms watching crazy German music videos from the 90s. I'll miss college.
183. Video: Edith, the darling lass pictured above, will be performing this later this semester. I'm not sure what the protocol is when you find out your girlfriend is a zombie, but I guess I'm glad to have advanced warning that she'll be eating my brains at some point.
182. Video: Women in Western Art. Pretty niftay.
181. Comic: Copper is updating again! Glee!
179. Video: Pac Man invasion. Old, I guess, but still required viewing.
178. Comic: Piled Higher and Deeper: So awesome! Also makes me not want to go to gradschool. Though, it worked out for my dad anyway, so who knows.
177. Artist: JF Bruckner: Oh yeah, jfb is awesome too! Right, right, more artists and comics, I forget so easily...
176. Comic: Copper: Copper is my favorite webcomic. Every strip is inspiringly beautiful and bursting with imagination, but beyond that, they consistently resonate with profundity without screaming "Look at ME, aren't I profound!?" I tried to write a lot more corny praise, but just go read all of them instead, you won't be sorry. I was hoping to wait for Kazu Kibuishi to get back to it so I could scream about its return, but it's been quite a while already, so I'll just link it again once that happens.
175. Artist: Mitsui. Life must be hard when you're this awesome. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
174. Comic: The Unfeasible Adventures of Beaver and Steve. I don't actually read this often, but the toaster knob makes me want to. That sentence will make no sense as soon as they update.
173. Humor: Kyle linked me to this, but I can't imagine why. P.S. Kyle sucks.
172. Comic: Socks. Okay, Socks is also amazing. I need to read through both these soon. Yargh.
171. Comic: Minus. Leo just linked me to minus, and it is aggggghjustgoreaditIcan'tthinkofwhattowriteitisamazing.
170. Flash Game: Fancy Pants. Fancy Pants!!! Made me want to drop everything and make an awesome speedy platformer with simple but incredibly smooth smooth animation with my roommates. Who knows what they'd do, but Kyle already agreed to it. Right Kyle? Study for your midterms to signify "yes."
169. Random: Revenge of Zoom Quilt.
168. Comic: Sinfest. How could you not know about Sinfest already? :|
167. Apps: doPdf. People keep asking how to write out pdfs. If you don't own Acrobat Pro, apparently this works.
166. Humor: Then Japan puts Berkeley to shame in the flash mob arena. But c'mon, it's Japan, it's probably weird when stuff like that doesn't happen.
165. Humor: Berkeley ninja flash mob battle royale round 1 fight.
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